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On 09/12/2014 06:37 AM, Dave Morriss wrote:
> On 12/09/14 10:46, Beni Keller wrote:
>> I'm looking for a mobile recording device that records with decent
>> quality. Last year NYBill brought a Zoom to Oggcamp. I remember it being
>> a nice device but he had to attach a external mic to not record the
>> button sound and some scratching while holding it.
>> Is there a similar device (in size and price) which can be used with the
>> build in mic? I'd like to get one for Oggcamp to record some interviews.
> Hi Beni,
> Last year I brought my son's Tascam DR-07 Mk II. I use it with a
> pocket-sized table-top tripod, and it can be placed on a table in front
> of you and the interviewee. Alternatively, I find the tripod makes a
> suitable handle and doesn't seem to transfer much sound to the
> microphones. This device also picks up hand noise if held directly.
> These recorders are not particularly cheap; you can pick them up on eBay
> for under £100. There is also the Tascam DR-05, which is cheaper and
> seems as functional, though I have no direct experience of it.
> The Zoom that NYBill has is the best value for money I think, though I
> believe it's no longer made. I think it also has a tripod mount and
> could be managed like I do the Tascam.
> The Zoom model that Ken Fallon uses takes a handle and so is a probably
> a better choice for interviewing. When my son and I bought the Tascam
> the newer Zoom had only just come out, but with hindsight we'd have
> rather bought the Zoom.
> I hope this helps a little.
> Dave
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Before the Zoom I just used to run around with my EEE in the crook of
one arm with a mic plugged into it. (That is still how I record at
home). Just start up Audacity, hit record, and sabotage someone sticking
the mic in front of them. ;)

I'm bummed I can't make it this year guys! Have fun! Get lots of pics
and audio so we that can't make it can still attend vicariously.

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