[Hpr] 25 Days since anyone uploaded a show

Nigel Verity nigelverity at hotmail.com
Thu Sep 18 14:33:38 PDT 2014

Hi Ken

I imagine that, more often than not, the first you know about a show is when it arrives on the HPR server, or the originator asks for the FTP details, This can't be very helpful from a planning perspective.

Perhaps this mailing list could provide a mechanism for people "pledging" shows for delivery over the coming weeks. Setting a target week rather than a specific date is probably sufficient granularity. Clearly it can't be binding, but I'm sure most people would take a pledge to deliver seriously. It would also give advance notice of forthcoming subjects, which in itself may inspire others. 

Just a thought.



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> Hi All,
> Earlier this year we had a big push to get shows and the queue was
> never as healthy. Unfortunately that has the effect of taking the
> pressure off and so we now have had a period of 25 days since the last
> show was uploaded. There are still 13 days until we start to have real
> problems but I want to avoid a all out call for "HPR needs shows now".
> Those types of campaigns are useful in getting in shows to keep the
> network going in the short term, and in promoting HPR. But in the end
> they cause as much harm as they do good. Once the immediate need for
> shows is met, the flood that follows fills up the queue so much that
> everyone walks away thinking "well that's fixed". Time marches on and
> then we have no submissions and a month later we need to start begging
> again.
> I would like to have suggestions on how to break this boom to bust
> cycle of show submissions. We need to see a steady trickle of shows
> where there is equilibrium between the supply and demand. Those with
> an insight into the theory of the problem are encouraged to submit a
> show on the topic.
> I need the people on this list to start recording some shows for
> uploading in the next week or two to meet the immediate need. However
> please do not put out a call for shows. What we need is a call for new
> hosts and/or new series, and/or new ideas for how we can get a nice
> steady stream so that supply meets demand.
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> Regards,
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