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On Sep 19, 2014, Ken Fallon <ken at fallon.ie> wrote:
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>On 2014-09-18 23:33, Nigel Verity wrote:
>> Hi Ken
>> I imagine that, more often than not, the first you know about a show
>is when it arrives on the HPR server, or the originator asks for the
>FTP details, This can't be very helpful from a planning perspective.
>> Perhaps this mailing list could provide a mechanism for people
>"pledging" shows for delivery over the coming weeks. 
>Setting a target week rather than a specific date is probably
>Clearly it can't be binding, but I'm sure most people would take a
>pledge to deliver seriously.
>It would also give advance notice of forthcoming subjects, which in
>itself may inspire others.
>> Just a thought.
>> Regards
>> Beeza
>Hi Beeza,
>Actually I am not involved in planning the schedule in any way (outside
>of my own shows, or advising on when to release). Anyone can pick any
>day the like from the schedule. People delivering a lot of shows tend
>space them out on a Fortnightly basis, and that leaves a nice amount of
>free slots for the newcomers.
>Your idea of a specific day is interesting and you might not remember
>but back in the early days of TWaTech, there was a concept that each
>host would submit one show a month. There was even a reminder system
>that emailed to say when your show was due. As with many good
>that falls to the side after a while as life gets in the way of HPR.
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How feasible would it be to send out weekly (or even daily) queue stats to the list? Seeing the average intake over time might push up time tables on folks already planning episodes.

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