[Hpr] New Year Show ?

honkey Magoo honkeymagoo01 at gmail.com
Tue Dec 1 06:07:31 PST 2015

Hello all

On the subject of the new years show, I for one would certainly miss it if
it went away. In years past i have not been able to participate as much as
I would have liked to, but always tried to listen to the stream and looked
forward to downloading later.

So the question is what do we need to have a new years show?

1.permission from John Neuseteter to use his mumble server

2. A stream

3. Someone to record and possibly edit later.

4. The most important part participants.

I have John's email so i could contact him. I don't have enough bandwidth
to run a stream, but i do have enough hard drive space to record and I'm
willing to edit (as long as people don't mind it taking a while to get
published) this is a basic setup with no set topics, no announcing when a
new year is, just an open room for people to talk in. We may have hours of
silence, but thats fine because the hours of conversation are usually the

So the question is, am I missing anything? Can we get a stream, and the
most important question, will anyone participate?
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