[Hpr] A Question about Shownotes - Javascript WYSIWYG

Frank Bell frankwbell at cox.net
Tue Dec 1 12:22:59 PST 2015

Mike Ray wrote:
> Obviously sighted folks want to see screen-shots etc., that's fine, but
> if images are of text on a terminal window to illustrate how to
> configure something, then they are to be avoided.

The images in question were simply illustrations, not exposition.   Even 
had they been "howto" images, I'm not sure that it would be necessary to 
avoid images entirely, so much as to ensure that they have properly 
configured "alt" text (but "alt" text should be routine in HTML and 
other markup languages that support it).

I have found images displaying text in terminal windows to a poor means 
of exposition at the best of times; they are generally hard to read and, 
when shrunk to a reasonable size, of poor resolution. Some sort of 
"code" tags surrounding the text, as are often seen on blogs or forum 
sites, seem to me to be far more effective for howtos about CLI.



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