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Tue Dec 1 12:32:47 PST 2015

Pictures of text are also bad because they can't be copied easily over to a
terminal to be used.

Lord Drachenblut

On Tue, Dec 1, 2015, 3:25 PM Frank Bell <frankwbell at cox.net> wrote:

> Mike Ray wrote:
> > Obviously sighted folks want to see screen-shots etc., that's fine, but
> > if images are of text on a terminal window to illustrate how to
> > configure something, then they are to be avoided.
> The images in question were simply illustrations, not exposition.   Even
> had they been "howto" images, I'm not sure that it would be necessary to
> avoid images entirely, so much as to ensure that they have properly
> configured "alt" text (but "alt" text should be routine in HTML and
> other markup languages that support it).
> I have found images displaying text in terminal windows to a poor means
> of exposition at the best of times; they are generally hard to read and,
> when shrunk to a reasonable size, of poor resolution. Some sort of
> "code" tags surrounding the text, as are often seen on blogs or forum
> sites, seem to me to be far more effective for howtos about CLI.
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