[Hpr] Community News (Completely Off-Topic)

Frank Bell frankwbell at cox.net
Tue Dec 8 21:11:12 PST 2015

I listened to the Community News today.  I found the discussion about shownotes 
towards the end to be most interesting.

Just out of idle curiosity, what am I supposed to look like?:) Inquiring minds
want to know.

As regards shownotes, I'm with Ken.  Keep it simple.  I am willing to learn
markdown if that's what HPR wants and I'm willing to learn stuff if need be.  
Having to learn stuff is one thing that keeps me fascinated by *nix.  

I do know my way around HTML; I'm not expert, but I get by.  

Nevertheless, I'm a big fan of plain text; that's one reason I like Mutt.  
And even when I use the Seamonkey mail client, I have it default to plain text.  
If you have plain text, you can very easily edit it into into anything you want.  


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