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Frank Bell frankwbell at cox.net
Wed Dec 9 13:17:40 PST 2015

On 19:46 Wed 09 Dec     , Ken Fallon wrote:
> > Just out of idle curiosity, what am I supposed to look like?:) Inquiri
> ng minds
> > want to know.
> Clark Gable

That's earry.

> Plain text is great but we do run into a problem when someone wants to
> add even the most basic of formatting to it.
> Take for example his is a list
>  - Cow
>  - Dog
>  - Cat
> This is also a list
> * Cow
> * Dog
> * Cat
> and so is this
> + Cow
> + Dog
> + Cat

Got it.  An acceptable plain text list doesn't work and play well with HTML.

> To me it seems logical that if it's going to end up in html5, but I fear
> I may be a minority of one on that one. Again badly formatted html takes
> me longer to sort out than unformatted text.

As I said in an earlier context, if HPR provides a template or guidelines, I'll be happy to use
them.  I might even end up learning markdown, but I've found it helps to have a
starting point.  
> Another option is to add a javascript WYSIWYG editor like the one in
> wordpress. However I fear that may not be very popular around here.

As I have a WordPress blog, I'd be duplicitous to object to that, but I don't
use the WYSIWYG editor; I use what WP calls the text editor.  That's not because
I'm taking a stand; it's the editor that WP had when I started using it, it's
the one I'm used to, and it works quite nicely.  Perhaps the text editor, rather
than the WYSIWYG editor, might be an option.

In any event, if the community makes a choice, I'll follow it.  That's part of
being part of a community and I don't see shownotes as worth getting all bent
out of shape over.

Afterthought:  I just looked at the website.  There don't seem to be any
guidelines for shownotes, at least none that I could find in an intensive search
of five seconds or so.  If you wish, I'll draft some up and submit them.  It
might be a starting point for further discussion.


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