[Hpr] Feedback needed now, Go/NoGo on New Years show

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I think based on what has been said plan B is more likely.

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> I realized today, as I posted my latest episode, I consciously left space
> for the New Year's eve episodes.  I belive we are at or past the time to
> make a decision on whether we want to do New Year's show this year at all.
> I'm afraid with many podcasts probably taking the Christmas week off, we
> may be past any chance of cross promotion on other shows.
> I can say the last time I asked the question, while all the feedback was
> positive, I was not overwhelmed by the number of responses.  I've been
> talking to Honkey Magoo off channel.   He was enthusiastic about recording
> and streaming the show, I figured between the two of us,we could handle
> recording and editing a reduced schedule.
> My proposal, if we decide to do this at all, would be to start at
> midnight, Dec 31, GMT and go to midnight PST, a period of 8 hours, aiming
> for four 2 hour shows.  This would probably be too late for Ken and Dave to
> want to do the Community News, so I suggest it remain a separate
> broadcast.  This would start the NYE show at 7PM EST, which might see the
> east coasters just headed out to their own parties.  I really hate to
> commit to more than 8 hours without more volunteers.
> Alternatively, we decide to take a break this year, in which case we need
> to state that prominently on the website so no-one shows up expecting a
> show and let it be know in the newsletter it's OK to post shows for the
> first week in January.  As has been suggested,we could just hang around the
> Mumble Server and chat, and somebody can always hit record if something
> starts spontaneously.  Unless this post meets with an outstanding number of
> responses, I say we go with plan B.
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