[Hpr] New Year's Show update

honkey Magoo honkeymagoo01 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 24 18:02:23 PST 2015

Ken: if you could please no longer hold those spots for the new years show
i would appreciate it. As for show notes if k5tux would let us use his
etherpad that would be great, if not there are things like board.net we
could try, or if i have to i plan on having 1 if not 2 mumble sessions
going so if people put links in the mumble chat i can find them there. If
we do not have the spots held i can listen and make my own show notes. The
biggest concern is will people show up.

Kevin: if you want to provide a stream, great thank you. when it comes to
which server to use, i guess we need to talk to the owners of the servers.
We just thought jneusteter's server because that is the server we always use
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