[Hpr] New Year's Show update

honkey Magoo honkeymagoo01 at gmail.com
Tue Dec 29 18:05:44 PST 2015

I want to thank everyone for there offering of support when it came to
putting together the new years eve show.
Thank you to Dave Lee for your offering of a Mumble server. In the end we
went with Jon Neusteter's mumble server because that is the one everyone
knows from past new years eve shows and for things like the community news.
I want to thank Bert Yerke for adding funds to help with expanding the
mumble server to more than 20, and of course thank you to Jon Neusteter for
the use of his mumble server.
I want to thank Kevin Wisher for the use of his stream. The hope is that it
will take some of the pressure off the mumble server, so that if people
just want to listen and not participate they can listen to the stream as
apposed to sitting in the mumble server.
Thank you to Thaj for the use of his etherpad. This will help with urls for
show notes, and hopefully some folks will put in there what was discussed
while they were in the channel. That would help fifty and I when it comes
to doing show notes.
Finally I would like to thank Ken Fallon for releasing the saved show
spots, and helping to promote this event, and hopefully I did not forget to
thank anyone or he might flame us in irc again. (just kidding Ken. We
appreciate all that you do with Hacker Public Radio. Without you as the
face and driving force I do not think there would still be a Hacker Public
I know this was put together kind of last minute but I'm hoping it will be
successful. There will not be a host for this event. Fifty and I are going
to do our best to be in the channel as much as we can. We will have several
recordings going so please join, chat, and have a good time.

Thank You
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