[Hpr] I ain'tnt dead yet: quick question (well, a couple)

Ivan Privaci epicanis+hpr at dogphilosophy.net
Sun Feb 8 18:23:54 PST 2015

First: were there ANY complaints at all about problems with any of the files from HPR1393 (the audio-metadata episode with all the extra bonus metadata in them)? With all the effort to load the metadata up as much as possible without making them invalid, I thought there'd be at least ONE "I still use my great-grandaddy's steam-powered hand-crank mp3 player and this file made the flyball governor pop up and fly across the field and knocked our prized dairy-goat unconscious!" or something of the sort...

Second: does somebody out there have a "large diaphragm" (around 16mm would be perfect) condenser microphone and an adapter they could plug into an Android phone (without external phantom power) to see if they get any signal at all from it? (Would a typical ~1"-diaphragm condenser microphone provide a weak-but-usable signal in those conditions, or would there typically be NO signal?)  What I'm hoping is that someone can plug such a microphone into an android phone and try recording something with e.g. "Rehearsal Assistant" or "urecord" from f-droid for a few seconds, then load the resulting .wav file into audacity and amplify it, and see if the result is decent sound or nothing... (I have no such other microphone available to test with, and I'm not sure if anyone within a 50-mile radius of my rural hideout here at the Asylum for the Sufficiently Nerdy has one I could borrow for a few seconds, either.)

Oh, and you owe Ken Fallon a show.

Not me, though.  

I owe at least 3.

(I'm trying to get 3-4 episodes done quickly one right after the other, the second and third of which are a review of  the new microphone I have, and at least one more episode on "internet audio" topics, hence the two questions above.)

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