[Hpr] I ain'tnt dead yet: quick question (well, a couple)

Mike Ray mike at raspberryvi.org
Mon Feb 9 11:49:09 PST 2015

Interesting.  I wasn't aware of the show in question.  Don't know how I
missed that one.  I will take a listen now.

For my part, I would no way bother about looking at the metadata.  If
the show and the show notes didn't tell me everything I need to know
then there's more wrong with it than just whether it has metadata and
whether it plays on my combined wax cylinder and MP3 player.

And from the point of view of a contributor, if there was a requirement
to add metadata, I would probably not produce anything ever again.  I've
just written 12k of show notes for my next show and taking a pride in
comprehensive show notes slows me down enough without me needing to add
metadata as well.  And that was not a poke at folks whose show notes are
minimal, see below.

And since I can't see, any MP3/media player with a screen that displays
the metadata is irrelevant to me.

At the risk of perpetuating a discussion that probably doesn't need to
be so complex, I think it was in one of Ken's FOSSDEM shows, or maybe it
was the community news for January, that somebody said a big part of the
soul of HPR is it's 'raggedy arsed' nature in parts :-) (not a quote).
In other words professionally produced podcasts have their place but I'd
much rather listen to somebody scrabbling about with a Sansa Klips stuck
on their sun visor while they drive home than listen to something that
sounds like it came out of the BBC.


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