[Hpr] I ain'tnt dead yet: quick question (well, a couple)

Klaatu klaatu at straightedgelinux.com
Mon Feb 9 22:21:44 PST 2015

I may be missing the point, but I think I am understanding that some of
us (I'm counting myself in) are interested, on some level, to learn what
will break mp3 players with regards to meta data.

While I don't think it's the right place to do experiments in the main
feed.......necessarily........ I do think it's an experiment WELL worth
doing, and it fits RIGHT in with HPR.

Why don't we post some files with various kinds of meta data and request
our listeners to download and try them out, and then to report back with
what happens? I think it would be a really worthwhile experiment.

As long as we do this methodically, I think we all stand a lot to learn
from this.

Or am I completely misinterpreting the point of this thread?

- klaatu

On 02/10/2015 06:06 AM, Ken Fallon wrote:
> On 2015-02-09 17:01, Ivan Privaci wrote:
>> On Monday, February 09, 2015 02:07:10 PM Ken Fallon wrote:
>> [...]
>>> Just to let you know what if it's a choice between a basic mp3 file that
>>> can play on someones mp3 player and a more complex one that can't, then
>>> sorry but the basic mp3 file will win every time. I'm not going to
>>> discriminate against someone because the only mp3 player they can afford
>>> is an old hand me down that they got at a good will store.
>> On reflection, this is obviously a touchy topic for some reason.  
>> If anyone knows of any problems (not just "serious" ones but things like
>> "that field was too long and it messed up the display on my player while it 
>> was running" as well) I still would like to know for future articles or 
>> recordings, but I'm just going to drop the topic from my list and stop 
>> mentioning it around HPR - I really don't need people thinking I'm trying to 
>> cause trouble whenever I put together an episode. Sorry about that.
> What you are trying to do is admirable and I support it 100%. To that
> end I have written a whole show on the topic (written but not recorded
> so it's not an actual show until it hits the servers). So yes I owe you
> a show.
> My issue was with your, all be it joking, disregard to the fact that
> people may be using older media players. These people may have a good
> reason to use players not capable of handling new formats. Ranging from
> not having the means or desire to upgrade. I also did not agree with
> your conclusions that after a sample size of 1, we can assume there are
> no problems.
> That said, I am often wrong and I have learnt a lot by been proven so. I
> am regularly over ruled on topics here and I would be very annoyed if I
> drove someone away for expressing an opinion. So please continue to
> contribute as I am also very passionate about the subject of metadata.
> While we both may love metadata, we do need to keep in mind our mission
> of ensuring the maximum audience for HPR. To that end it explains why we
> still have a mp3 feed at all. But keeping a simple mp3 file does not
> mean we cannot experiment with new features. There are loads of ways
> where we can move with the times. eg:
> - sending out a lower bitrate mp3, swapping the spx to opus
> - adding links to the enhanced media
> - providing a experimental feature rss feed.
> Running an experimental feed would allow you to determine which players
> have issues and which don't. Additionally as the feed would be opt in,
> the participants would have motivation to report issues to you. This way
> we could build a database of known formats with known players. Something
> which would be of benefit to the podcasting community and would
> definitely meet our goal of sharing knowledge.

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