[Hpr] Fwd: Cross-Promotional Opportunties

James Toebes james at toebesacademy.com
Thu Feb 12 12:14:43 PST 2015

Ok.  Looked at it some, but not in great detail.   Here is my 2 cents 
(if it is worth that much.)

I agree their email seemed like a generic mass mail.   If they are tight 
on personnel and trying to get the word out, I could excuse it.

Looks like a free service offering content.  I would not recommend 
setting up a formal relationship with a new site under uncertain terms 
(licensing...).  We don't want to make HPR a shilling platform.   
However,  if representatives there want to record an episode where they 
actually discuss a bit about their site, motivations, philosophies....  
I would not mind learning more. That seems exactly why the open 
submitter format exist.

I have not seen anyone trying to abuse this open format at HPR yet. If 
so (i.e. they try putting a generic pr episode that doesn't address the 
community is specific) then I think they could be banned from future 

On 02/12/2015 02:20 PM, Carl D Hamann wrote:
> Again, most of my reaction is an emotional response to the tone of the
> email, which, as you pointed out, reads as a mail-merged marketing
> piece targeted at any organization associated with cyber-security buzz
> words. My examination of their site was cursory at best, and I'm far
> from labeling them as "evil"; in fact, the fact that they are offering
> free-as-in-beer content puts them a step closer to the right track
> than most "corporate certificate prep materials for rent" outfits that
> I've seen. However, I did read through their [Terms of Service][1],
> and they make it quite clear that content belongs to them, and that
> you, your content, your status, etc. can be summarily deleted from the
> site without cause.
> [1]: http://www.cybrary.it/terms-service/
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