[Hpr] Cybrary Cross-Promotional Offer

lostnbronx lostnbronx at gmail.com
Thu Feb 12 14:31:56 PST 2015

I think an episode profiling what they offer, or even a series, would
be a better fit than advertising with or for them.  I'm not against an
organization utilizing different promotion methods per se, but, as has
been stated, HPR has always been careful to do so with shows and
groups that are closely in-keeping with its philosophy.

A perfect solution would be for someone from Cybray to contribute
their own HPR episodes about what it is they do, how they do it, and
why. So long as it's not an out-and-out infomercial, I would say that
the community (which includes HPR listeners as well as contributors)
would find value in it.

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