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On 2015-02-12 08:08, Ken Fallon wrote:
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> Anyone want to comment on this ?

I don't think it's a fit for HPR in any way.

This site is selling a service, not to potential attendees, but instead 
to third party businesses.  From what I gathered it works like this: 
vendor signs up for the Cybrary service, Cybrary provides the 
broadcasting technology / marketing services and audience for the 
"classes".  Basically anyone who has attended a vendor webinar (such as 
RedHat Wdbinars) will be familiar with the concept: toss out an overview 
of a product with little in-depth technical information, make certain 
there are plenty of sales and marketing reps available to answer the 
sales questions, and say "we'll get back to you" for any technical 

I have this impression based on this page: 

Especially the sentence: "Get started by talking to a Business Services 
Representative today." It doesn't appear to be about education, instead 
they are a marketing service masquerading as a school.


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> Subject: 	Cross-Promotional Opportunties
> Date: 	Thu, 12 Feb 2015 13:59:12 +0000
> From: 	Katrina Lowe <Katrina at cybrary.it>
> To: 	admin at hackerpublicradio.org <admin at hackerpublicradio.org>
> Greetings,
> My name is Katrina, and I'm the Growth Manager for Cybrary
> (www.cybrary.it), a new MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) provider
> offering free IT and cyber security training courses through our 
> online
> network. We host self-paced, online video classes on our website to 
> an
> audience of over 20,000 individuals across the globe. We've only been
> launched since January, and we've amassed monthly pageviews of over
> 500,000 and 100,000+ sessions.
> I’m reaching out to you because I believe that HackerPublicRadio is a
> great resource for those in particularly in the cyber security 
> industry,
> and I would like to inquire whether you’d be interested in a
> cross-promotion with Cybrary.
> In exchange for a series of mentions on your program, we would 
> promote
> your podcast using our various channels to our user community. In 
> just
> one month, we’ve amassed a large user base, and we’re continuing to 
> grow
> at a rapid rate. Our platform could help expand your listening base
> exponentially with users who are actively looking to learn more about
> the industry. This is not a stagnant community; our users are 
> actively
> engaging with us on social media, email and our website about IT and
> cyber security learning.
> Likewise, HackerPublicRadio could help Cybrary to significantly grow 
> our
> own network to those who do not yet know about our resource. If this
> sounds like something you’d be interested in, you can contact me via
> email to discuss in detail.
> ?
> Katrina Lowe
> Growth Manager, Cybrary
> http://www.cybrary.it?
> Liberating the IT Industry with Free Training
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