[Hpr] Is anyone else having trouble submitting shows?

Fifty OneFifty fiftyonefifty at linuxbasement.com
Tue Feb 24 23:58:02 PST 2015

Is anyone having as much trouble as I submitting new shows?  If I go
to ANY open slot in the Calendar page in IceWeasel (FF) or
Chrome/Chromium I get :

Existing request detected

Please process the outstanding request before requesting another show.
This lock is set for 15 minutes to deter attacks.
If you are attacking us why not record a show telling us about what
you were trying to do ?..

A page suggesting the potential contributor is accused trying to hack
us.  Not helpful.

It's been suggested I use a "real" browser (as the two most popular
with the public are apparently not enough).  Links takes me to the
email verification page (though my e-mail never came, but that may be
because I'd already reserved the slot via FTP).  Midori and Epiphany
(ne Web) both seem to choke on the calendar.php page.  Only QupZilla
(no, I never heard of it either) seems to provide a graphical
interface to securing a position on the Calendar.  If no one else is
having problems, I'll shut up and use Qupzilla as a workaround, but if
a lot of folks are having problems contributing, I only hope new
contributors are not giving up and leaving.  If that is the case, I
propose we re-set the contribution page back to the old instructions
for FTP submissions, at least as an alternative.  Ken Fallon, I know
it makes work for you, but I feel that would be better than driving
off potential contributors.


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