[Hpr] Is anyone else having trouble submitting shows?

Dave Morriss perloid at autistici.org
Wed Feb 25 04:36:17 PST 2015

On 25/02/15 07:58, Fifty OneFifty wrote:
> Is anyone having as much trouble as I submitting new shows?  If I go
> to ANY open slot in the Calendar page in IceWeasel (FF) or
> Chrome/Chromium I get :
> ----
> Existing request detected
> Please process the outstanding request before requesting another show.
> This lock is set for 15 minutes to deter attacks.
> If you are attacking us why not record a show telling us about what
> you were trying to do ?..
> -----
> A page suggesting the potential contributor is accused trying to hack
> us.  Not helpful.

Ken, as the author of this interface, is the person to answer this
definitively. My comments below are the result of testing the interface,
not of any deeper knowledge - though I can see the what the database is

So, as I understand it the code is doing the following:

- On clicking one of the links on the Calendar page entitled "hpr???? is
available - reserve now" your IP address and the time of the request are

- You are offered a form entitled "Requesting a slot for your show". The
form is filled in with slot details; you will see the show number and
the release date. You are requested to enter your email address and
press "Next".

- You then receive an email with a URL to follow and this takes you to
the main form into which you enter your show details, do the upload,
etc. You need to follow the link in this email within 15 minutes, as it
says in the email itself.

Now, if you navigate away from the first "Requesting a slot for your
show" page before completing the form you can't go back and will receive
the error message you mention above. You also can't go to any other of
the "hpr???? is available - reserve now" links. You remain locked out
for 15 minutes from the time of your first visit.

This sounds like the state you found yourself in.

As far as I can tell, the "lock out" code should no longer be active in
your case, so you can try again.

I think the critical thing is that you should complete the first form
("Requesting a slot for your show") immediately, and then you should
respond to the email once it arrives, as fast as you can.

If for any reason you can't complete this process then you should wait
for 15 minutes or more and try again.

I have to say that when I uploaded my last show the email with the URL
was snagged by Gmail and dropped in my SPAM folder, which caused me some
consternation for a few minutes. Otherwise it all went smoothly.

I hope this helps.


Dave Morriss, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK | perloid at autistici.org

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