[Hpr] Is anyone else having trouble submitting shows?

ken at fallon.ie ken at fallon.ie
Wed Feb 25 06:18:24 PST 2015

> A page suggesting the potential contributor is accused trying to hack
> us.  Not helpful.
That depends. We get far more people trying to attack the site than
contributors, 20534 since 2015-02-05_06-31-06Z to be exact. So if some of
them are interested, who am I to stop them submitting a show.

> It's been suggested I use a "real" browser (as the two most popular
> with the public are apparently not enough).
The suggestion to use a "real" browser was intended at humour. The only
difference between a "modern" browser (one that supports html5), and any
other browser is that it will enforce the "required field" options. For
any other browser there is an asterisk next to required fields that must
be filled in. The site is intentionally designed to support every browser.
Let me say that again: *every* browser. If there is a problem with *any*
browser, then it is a bug and should be reported with as much information
as possible.

Daves analysis of the workflow is correct. Basically upload one show at a
time from the same session and you'll be fine. Deviate from that and
you'll flag an alarm and get blocked. There are currently 67 different
checks in place to ensure that the form is filled in correctly and that
someone is not trying to crack the site. As a guest on this server, I feel
I have a responsibility to ensure that we prevent as much misuse as

So in short so long as you fill those fields in, you'll be fine, if you
don't it will be flagged as suspicious activity and you will be blocked
for at least 24 Hours. If you do get blocked then email me, with the exact
steps you were doing, including browser, urls, error messages, times etc.

The FTP server is still there as an upload method if you prefer. You can
get the username and password, simply by reserving a slot via the web form
and selecting upload via ftp :)


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