[Hpr] Is anyone else having trouble submitting shows?

ken at fallon.ie ken at fallon.ie
Wed Feb 25 06:23:19 PST 2015

> I just uploaded 4 shows Sunday, and hit this a number of times. From
> what I observed, you need to let it sit for at least 15 minutes *without
> clicking to check* for it reset. In fact, I let it be for more like a
> half-hour. It looks like if you left it for 14 minutes, then clicked to
> see if it would let you in, it resets the clock again and you need to
> wait another full 15 minutes. But I did get all 4 shows uploaded, it
> just took a lot longer.
> Regards,

That should not occur. Once any given upload is completed, your IP address
is completely removed from the table. Your browser may however be caching
the error page.

The waiting 15 minutes is only necessary if you visit/refresh the request
page twice.


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