[Hpr] New year's post mortem

Mike Ray mike at raspberryvi.org
Thu Jan 8 15:14:40 PST 2015


Please excuse the top-posting...

Here's my tuppence worth.  I listened to about five or so hours worth in
all.  Much of which was very entertaining.  I happened to catch the bits
where Jonathan and another chap I don't know were talking about
syntax-highlighting for blind programmer's and I was screaming
'Emacspeak, Emacspeak' at my computer.

But this was the first time I have tried to use mumble and failed
miserably.  Both on Windows and Linux.  I'm keen to hear how Jonathan
has done it.  I think Qt is forever moving forward with accessibility so
maybe later this year it will be more usable.  There's supposed to be a
lib which should make writing a client easy so if I can get my head
round that maybe I'll have a crack at writing a GTK client.

Now I have to admit to finding some of what I heard a little like
overhearing a chat in a pub.  But I know the content can only be as good
as those who join in.

Not sure there is really enough stuff to fill 26 hours though, and to
justify the amount of work it makes for the obvious, yourself and Ken
mostly I guess :)

Don't worry about hearing it referred to as the 5150 show, your efforts
are much appreciated.


On 08/01/2015 22:43, Fifty OneFifty wrote:
> While it's fresh in our minds, I thought we might go over what we'd
> like to do different next year.  I truly did not mean to monopolize
> the show (I heard it called the FiftyOneFifty New Year's Eve Special
> on tllts last night).  What does anyone think of going back to the
> original 12 hr format?  At the risk of offending our round the world
> listeners,  until about 9-10am my time, there was usually just me and
> one other person talking, and participation dropped of after midnight
> in California (sorry JRullo, we may have to leave New year's in Hawaii
> to the after show).
> What else could we do differently?  I know there were some
> accessibility issues in Mumble (Jonathan tells me he solves them with
> menu shortcuts).  If we want to do something, we have a year to come
> up with an accessibility how-to, contribute accessibility friendly
> code, or find a different platform.
> 5150
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