[Hpr] New year's post mortem

Klaatu klaatu at straightedgelinux.com
Thu Jan 8 15:44:24 PST 2015

At the risk of sounding like a spoil-sport, I think the whole show could
be far less "jump on and chat" and a lot more focused. If people want to
jump on and chat with friends, they can do that any time. But instead we
have 12 or 24 or 26 hours of attention-grabbing HPR time and I think we
are not leveraging that at all.

I really like the LinuxLUGCast format:

people join the call.

for person in room {
 person contributes a small (or not small) talk.
 all other people ask questions about the talk.
 person answers questions.

That, to me, works really well. If we could iterate through that, maybe
with a station break at the top of each hour for the "Happy New Year"
announcement and a refresh of "ok, who's in the room right now?"
introduction, then we would end up with an hour long show of useful
content, 12x over (or 24 or 26 or whatever).

In other words:

I think it'd be neat if the HPR NYE show was a virtual Un-Conference
rather than an Evening Out at the Pub. Not that evenings out at the pubs
are a bad idea; I just don't know if we need to use the HPR brand and
the New Year event as an excuse to prod people into going to the
[virtual] pub with one another.

Just an idea!


On 01/09/2015 11:43 AM, Fifty OneFifty wrote:
> While it's fresh in our minds, I thought we might go over what we'd
> like to do different next year.  I truly did not mean to monopolize
> the show (I heard it called the FiftyOneFifty New Year's Eve Special
> on tllts last night).  What does anyone think of going back to the
> original 12 hr format?  At the risk of offending our round the world
> listeners,  until about 9-10am my time, there was usually just me and
> one other person talking, and participation dropped of after midnight
> in California (sorry JRullo, we may have to leave New year's in Hawaii
> to the after show).
> What else could we do differently?  I know there were some
> accessibility issues in Mumble (Jonathan tells me he solves them with
> menu shortcuts).  If we want to do something, we have a year to come
> up with an accessibility how-to, contribute accessibility friendly
> code, or find a different platform.
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