[Hpr] New year's post mortem

Fifty OneFifty fiftyonefifty at linuxbasement.com
Thu Jan 8 17:29:20 PST 2015

1.  I kinda like the virtual pub.  A lot of people wouldn't join in if
they had to come with a topic.  I spoke with a lot of friends i only
"see" once a year.  I think with 12-16 hours to fill, we ca do both.
I.E., whith the schedule published early, we could see that klaatu was
coming in at 20:00Z Jan1 with a discussion on the state of video
editing, so that topic would take over for as long as it lasted.

2.  I guess if not a holiday, it would have to be a weekend so people
would not be at work.


Nothing is to say HPR couldn't have a regular topic discussion show,
we had the Saturday morning LUG only last year.

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