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Mike Ray mike at raspberryvi.org
Thu Jun 4 09:33:18 PDT 2015

On 04/06/2015 15:18, Ken Fallon wrote:
> On 2015-06-04 14:52, Steve Engledow wrote:
>> Is there a good reason to not use their SaaS offering at gitlab.com?
>> Steve
> Well we were running it on a SaaS namely Gitorious and it shut down, as
> has Google Code, both have come and gone in HPR's life time. Then there
> is the shenanigans going on over at sourceforge. Not a fantastic track
> record for SaaS. That said, I would prefer not to maintain a project
> myself.
> The clear winner for me at least is to use the gitlab instance run by
> anhonesthost.com. This way we get to use gitlab, and have support at a
> price that can't be bet (namely gratis), with excellent support (namely
> Josh).
> Anyway it's Git so clone as often and in as many places as possible.

I vote for that.  I've received excellent response times from Josh at
AHH, even when I do stupid stuff :-/


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