[Hpr] True Life Travel Stories

Klaatu klaatu at straightedgelinux.com
Tue Mar 24 09:14:55 PDT 2015

Hey all. I just made the 37 hour trek to the states from NZ for a visit,
and on the way an interesting thing happened (twice) at airport
security. My girlfriend's computer got pulled aside to get the swabbing
inspection (I am not sure if they are looking for drugs exclusively or
also traces of explosives or biohazards). This happened not once but
twice. It's a System76 Laptop with a Tux sticker on it. It runs Linux Mint.

We played dumb (didn't have to do much acting; we sincerely could not
understanding why) and eventually got one of the agents to tell us what
was going on.

I will not reveal the answer (or at least what they claimed was their
reason for pulling it aside) here, as an incentive for this:

I want to compile an HPR episode of interesting stories about travelling
with computers. Preferably focusing on TSA interaction, in an attempt to
better understand what these fine defenders of the American way of life
are looking for when they inspect computers.

I do not require you to record your story; just respond to this thread
with your tale.

I am seeking first-hand experiences. In other words, you should have
witnessed the event in person, preferably with something to lose if it
had all gone wrong.



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