[Hpr] UK Table Kit

Dave Morriss perloid at autistici.org
Sun Nov 15 05:09:44 PST 2015

Hi All,

As you're probably aware, there's a UK table kit which was in use at
OggCamp this year.

It consists of a large stand-alone banner, two vinyl posters that we
attached to the table, and a table cloth. I included a power lead this
year, but somehow it evaporated at the end of the event! (Note to self:
label everything before use!)

The table cloth contains various logos (now a little the worse for
wear), and a large number of signatures of the numerous HPR hosts who
have visited the table. It's also acquired a number of coffee stains and
other signs of use.

I took some pictures of the table this year, which you can see here:


The kit is currently being looked after by @timttmy. He has kindly
suggested organising the following regarding the table cloth:

1. Wash and (carefully) iron it

2. Take some high resolution photos of it and gimp the coffee stains and
general grubbiness out of the image

3. Get a new table cloth printed with the gimped picture printed on
it at a slightly reduced size so there is more room for signatures

4. Use some sort of pvc material for the replacement so it could be
wiped clean in future, this could be kept with the upright banner in the
existing kit bag.

5. The original cloth could be sent back to Ken as an archive

We thought we'd put this plan to the list to get comments.

So, what does the HPR Community think?


Dave Morriss, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK | perloid at autistici.org

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