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Hi, Clinton
Thanks for doing the show. I look forward to hearing this one.
You can get feedback on your audio quality if you want it, for your own benefit.  If you want pointers on improving your audio, you could put that out on the list.  Maybe someone could, um, do a SHOW on low-cost ways to improve your audio.  There have been shows on microphones, audio gear, sound editing software, and so on.  

We definitely have hosts who could record shows to address any unanswered questions, or to take another shot at topics from the back catalog.

But if we can make out what you're saying, that is fine with me.
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 Subject: [Hpr] first update
So I've uploaded my first show (how to run conferences).

I'm not sure if I should be expecting any feeback on the audio quality or the format that I uploaded in? Or if there are any other issues that I don't even know about..

Is there a way of flagging shows to say that I don't really care when it's published?

Clinton Roy
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