[Hpr] Metadata bloat

Dave Morriss perloid at autistici.org
Sat Nov 28 07:12:08 PST 2015

On 28/11/15 13:00, Fifty OneFifty wrote:
> Several months ago, I researched why sometimes after disconnecting my
> Sansa clip would hang at "refreshing media" after disconnecting it from
> my PC.  One reason suggested was an excess of information in the meta-data.
> I don't know if anyone was still sticking two the old guidelines for
> meta-data, since it hasn't existed on the site since the upload form was
> created.  Anyway, the old instructions called for the author to insert
> the full show notes into the comments.  I'm not doing that anymore and I
> recommend anyone still following the practice desist.

I have installed Rockbox on all my players (all that can take it
anyway). For unknown reasons one of my Sansa Fuze players drops into
Sansa mode when connected to the PC and shows this "Refreshing media"
thing on being disconnected. This refreshing process can take a *long* time.

The weirdness of the Sandisk software is what drove me towards Rockbox.

Over the years I have spend a good deal of effort in hacking metadata
before I write it to my players so that everything at least has a proper
title and album tag. I have a Perl script which checks and rewrites this
data using the TagLib library which is in a lot of the software which
accesses tags.

The bane of my life was the crud dropped in the 'Comment' tags by iTunes
and Garageband in particular. It masked the comments I wanted to see
with the hex strings in the iTunes variants. Unfortunately the Perl
Audio::TagLib module didn't do a very good job of manipulating this, so
I resorted to Python (with TagLib) to remove it.

This being said, I have never seen any metadata which causes my Sansa
players (Clip+ and Fuze) to fail.


1. Use Rockbox
2. Metadata formats are great but there are so many of them


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