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Mike Ray mike at raspberryvi.org
Wed Sep 9 05:05:28 PDT 2015

On 09/09/2015 12:34, Ken Fallon wrote:
> On 2015-09-09 11:29, Klaatu wrote:
>> What about an HTML side bar on the left of the site, listing links in 
> an
>> unordered list? 
> We had a side bar on the original site layout, and this caused long
> pages looking off centre as you scrolled down past the menu.
> The current system is using unordered lists, and it is the application
> of css that is causing the problem. The exact same html without the css
> added is what is been served from:
> http://hackerpublicradio.org/accessibility.php
> If you use a screen reader on the current menu without css, then you
> need to use "skip to main content" or it reads each and every sub menu i
> tem.
> Splitting it up so there is a old fashioned site map page
> (http://hackerpublicradio.org/accessibility.php) and then putting only
> the menu items that are needed on each page will reduce the amount of
> babble that the screen reader needs to go through.


Obviously I can only comment from the point of view of someone who can
see nothing at all, not even the Sun.

Screen-reader users read everything serially, top to bottom, with some
navigation keys to help.  But one thing to remember is that sometimes,
if the site is put together in a certain way, we will hear things that
are not visible on the site.

So for example if there are drop-down menus which appear either with a
mouse-click or hover, we might hear them anyway even when they are not
on screen.

I admit I'm not as familiar with HTML accessibility techniques as I
should be, the world of the web having moved on quite a lot since I was
sighted and doing web developement.

But if it would help I can probably find other sites that do similar
things and point you at them.

A note about verbosity...all the screen-readers I have used have various
adjustments that can be made to what is spoken.  If you haven't found
the Orca preferences on Trisquel then I think pressing either
"INSERT+SPACEBAR" or possibly "CAPS-LOCK+SPACEBAR" will bring up the
preferences dialog and you can make verbosity changes.


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