[Hpr] Submmiting markdown, WYSIWYG editors?

Dave Morriss perloid at autistici.org
Sun Sep 13 03:26:17 PDT 2015

On 12/09/15 23:08, Fifty OneFifty wrote:
> If one chose to use a markdown language, would you just paste it into
> the show notes field on the form or would you need to save it as a
> document and upload it via FTP?  If the former, I'd suggest adding a
> line to tell the admins which markdown you used.  Are there any WYSIWYG
> editors for the types of markdown that we have been discussing that
> wouldn't leave strange artifacts that would make it difficult to
> automate translating the notes to HTML?

Hi Fifty,

Yes, I think that pasting Markdown (or other markup) into the form would
be fine.

Yes, it was Ken's thought that a means of indicating which markup format
is being used would be the way to resolve the problem of format
recognition. Not sure about the plans for adding this to the form. In
the interim, an email would do the trick I think.

I have used ReText as a Markdown editor/viewer. It's also capable of
handling ReStructuredText I believe. I found it in the Debian repository
and found version 5.1.0-1 for Debian Testing.

I'm told that Jezra has a project called markdowner, linked from his
site at http://www.jezra.net/projects/markdowner. I have not tried this.

Personally I use Vim/gVim with the following plugins:

You need 'tabular' with 'vim-markdown' and if you want to go the pandoc
route you need both pandoc plugins. I have Vim's spelling capability
switched on while I'm editing.

I run pandoc out of gVim and view the result in a browser on my second
monitor. This might be a rather convoluted solution :-)


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