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On 2015-09-16 02:21, Ken Fallon wrote:
> On 2015-09-16 01:29, lostnbronx wrote:
>> I know this may seem heretical, but I'm not entirely convinced that
>> there IS a problem here, except in the area of running out of shows
>> (which is always a danger).  I mean, what exactly IS a community
>> podcast?  To my way of mind, it's a show where listeners are free to
>> contribute, with no (or few) restrictions.  That describes HPR right
>> now.
>> The issue I believe we're really talking about is how to get more
>> voices on the show.  That's a very worthy discussion to have, but I
>> don't think it represents a crisis.  It's similar discussions we've
>> had in the past about how to get more women or girls to contribute;
>> how to get more minorities involved; how to get "non-techie" people t
>> make shows; etc.  In other ords, how to be more inclusive.  We
>> reexamine these issues, and return to them time and again, the way a
>> dynamic community of people should.
>> I don't believe we have a different problem here than we've ever have
>> Yes, there have been a lot of eps from just a few voices lately -- bu
>> has the show seen a loss of subscribers because of it?  If not, then
>> the silent majority does not mind.  Why, I remember years past when
>> Klaatu had at least one show up per week -- he was podcasting demon -
- -
>> but no one complained, because everyone loves his content.  If
>> anything, that kind of stability gained us subscribers.
> I agree with you up to this point, although I personally am more
> concerned about how many benefited from the shows, over the number of
> subscribers we have.
>> So long as people feel they CAN participate in this great community,
>> then we're doing what we should.  This means we always encourage them
>> to participate IF THEY WANT TO.  They don't have to, and should never
>> feel pressured to.  They owe us nothing.  They listen to us.  They
>> give us their time and attention.  Those are NOT small things --
>> really, they're the most important things in the world, and they give
>> them up for free.
> For your work with Cavalcade Audio you are correct, although I would
> argue that even there there is the onus to contribute if not
> financially, well then with feedback.
> On HPR it's a different story and it's where the words "community
> podcast" comes in. I made the analogy of a Ted Talk versus a Bar Camp,
> or a Lecture versus a show and tell, or a Traditional Irish Music
> Recital versus a Trad Session in the pub. There are different
> expectations with regard to participation. There is no "they" there is
> only "us". We all contribute shows so yes "they" do owe "us" a show
> because we are all in this together.
>> So long as HPR's listeners continue to know that they are always
>> welcome, a few of them here and there will inevitably feel the crazy
>> urge to record their thoughts and add them to the queue.  And when it
>> happens, no matter how seldom, we know that the system we've built is
>> working.  In my opinion that's the very definition of a community
>> podcast, and HPR is walking the walk.
>> -LnB
> Remember that the people who submit the filler slots also have a right
> to participate only IF THEY WANT TO. Have you not heard the shows wher
> people say, "I'm putting this out because we're a little short of show
> at the moment" ? It's probably easy to miss because of the quality of
> the shows.
> That for me is the crisis point, where someone has had to rush a show 
> get it up on time. Sure I have a list of contributors I know I can hit
> up for a quick show if needed, but it would be good if it was the
> exception rather than the rule.
> Just have a look at red line the graph
> http://hackerpublicradio.org/images/hprstats.png Every time it goes
> under 5 we start to plan for filler shows. I would like for the
> community to collectively come up with a plan to spread the load.

When I responded to this email I was at a complete loss to know how
anyone could come to the conclusion that HPR did *not* expect everyone
who listens to contribute.

But now that I have been thinking about it for a few days, I'm at a
complete loss to know how I came to the conclusion that HPR *did* expect
people to contribute.

Sure it makes sense that if you want to continue people should
contribute, but I'm afraid I need to do a 180 and agree with lostnbronx
that no one "owes" us anything.

The license is clear, cc-by-sa. As long as you give attribution and
share it under the same license then there is no obligation to do
anything else.

So basically no more "you owe me a show", just "you might want to send
in a show if you want this project to continue. Not as catchy but more

Thanks to lostnbronx for the reality check and correction.

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Ken Fallon
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