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Date: Mon, 4 Apr 2016 09:04:33 +0200
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On 2016-03-19 13:11, Ken Fallon wrote:
> On 2016-03-18 23:59, NYbill wrote:
>> Hey everyone, I recently uploaded two episodes. A part 1 and 2. During
>> the first upload via the web form everything went smooth. (now I realise
>> it might not have.) 
>> Everything went smooth on the second upload as well, until I hit submit.
>> The upload script informed me that I did not choose "Is the synopses
>> included"... The tick box right above the intro/outro included
>> question.  I think it has to do with the text-to-speech part. On the
>> first upload, I must have checked that it wasn't included. But, during
>> the second upload, I must have missed that tick box.
>> I was unable to submit part 2 due to my oversight. A nice red
>> highlighted area brought me right to the part of the page where I should
>> make a correction/choice.
>> Anyway, that got me looking around the web form in general. I then
>> realized that, "Is this show explicit" is auto checked to "yes".
>> Part 1 of my recent upload is not explicit.  I doubt any of my solo
>> episodes ever will be. But now, due to an oversight, I bet part 1 is
>> "auto flagged" as explicit.  I think it would be better to treat the
>> 'explicit: yes/no' field like the other field was. To bring attention to
>> the fact that the up-loader hasn't made a choice.  A chance to inform
>> them (me) what the choice means and that they should choose.
>> Anyway, two cents from a guy who wishes we got rid of pennies some 10
>> years ago,
>> NYbill
> So here's the text from the site:
> http://hackerpublicradio.org/stuff_you_need_to_know.php#explicit
> <quote>
> Your show will be signalled as containing explicit content
> Given that we are an open forum for free speech we signal all our shows
> as "explicit" with the assumption that the listeners will apply the
> required discretion when playing the shows in public. The fact is that
> the majority of our content is technical in nature and therefore is
> often considered appropriate for any audience. If you feel that your
> show will be considered *inoffensive in every region of the world* then
> you can signal that when you upload the show.
> When dealing with content that is "explicit" or contains material that
> would best be suited for a mature audience, it has become traditional to
> include a short warning at the very beginning of the show before the
> intro, to allow listeners time to switch off the episode should they so
> desire.
> </quote>
> Logically what you say is correct, but in practice it isn't.
> The vast majority of shows submitted have the explicit tag changed to
> "Clean". This means that they took a concious decision to do so. In many
> many cases the clean tag was set while the intro/outro/synopsis was set
> incorrectly.
> The majority of the people who submit as Explicit are people who I know
> have made a deliberate stand to keep it "explicit" even though others
> might consider the shows as "Clean".
> Right now, the only thing the "Explicit" Tag effects is the RSS feed
> option to filter out clean shows. This is to allow people to stream HPR
> in public areas.
> There was a previous discussion to switch the main feed from Explicit to
> Clean and rely on shows to be correctly flagged. Currently all HPR shows
> are marked as Explicit on iTunes and one failure to flag shows correctly
> will get the entire feed removed. So requiring a concious decision is a
> good thing for the feed in general as it offers protection from been
> thrown off.
> But then we have the discussion about what is "Clean". Even Klaatu fell
> foul of the clean tag, when he uploaded a avatar of an exploding head
> from a horror film. I personally think it's all 100% bollox anyway, and
> consider it a form of censorship as there is no way to protect everyone
> from been offended.
> It is probably no harm to bring this topic up on the list to see if we
> want to switch to clean as default for the feed, leaving it up to the
> shows to be marked explicit.

Hi NYBill,

Can I forward this to the list please ?



Ken Fallon

There you go. ;)

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