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Subject: 	CFP for Full Stack Fest 2016 has opened!
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Hi hacker Public Radio team,

My name is Georgina and I am the person in charge of Communications at
Full Stack Fest 2016 (www.fullstackfest.com).

I’m reaching you in order to present you the event we are organizing:

Full Stack Fest will be hold in Barcelona on September 5-9th, 2016. It
will be comprised of two main blocks with a gap day™ in between.

We've reinvented the conference and turned it into a week-long event.
And this time we won't be limited by specific languages —technologies
across the whole development stack will shine under the spotlight.

Let’s not forget that technology is made by people. That’s why we’re
putting so many efforts in confirming industry leaders who will be
speaking about topics such as the Erlang language & platform, the
Interplanetary File System (IPFS), EcmaScript 6, Cycle.js, Functional
Reactive programming, the Unison programming platform, unikernels,
scalable distributed systems, the Physical Web project, Web Assembly,
CSS4, the Elm architecture and Serverless Framework, with many more to come!

Our Call For Papers is open with 16 speaker slots! Talks are 40 minutes
long, including Q&A. People have until the May 14th to submit a talk.

We’d love to do a call to action to attract potential speakers to join
us on stage and inspire technology peers! No excuses —accommodation and
traveling expenses are on us ;)

That’s why we thought about you and the possibility that you could help
us reach these inspiring people to join the event.

You can check out what we are looking for here
(https://2016.fullstackfest.com/call-for-papers) —where people can
submit their paper too.

What are your thoughts about it? Could we talk about the possibility of

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Thanks a lot!


Georgina Capdevila
Conferences Manager

Carrer Pare Llaurador, 113 | Baixos | 08224 Terrassa (Barcelona, Spain)
Tel.: 0034 937 872 194 | 0034 618 264 960


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Ken Fallon

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