[Hpr] Proposed New Series

Mike Ray mike at raspberryvi.org
Fri Apr 22 00:41:42 PDT 2016

On 21/04/2016 19:10, Dave Morriss wrote:
> On 21/04/16 18:37, Frank Bell wrote:
>> First, I have to say that the drop-down list for selecting a series when
>> submitting episode is a nice piece of work.  Like many good ideas, once
>> someone else thinks of it, it just seems obvious.
>> Given that a some HPR contributors seem to like hacking the kitchen, I
>> submit that a cooking or recipe category is worth considering.
>> Thanks.
> Great idea.
> Over the past few months I have been joining unattached shows to
> existing series and creating a few new series based on a really
> simplistic script that counts word occurrences in titles. It totally
> misses cooking and recipe shows because it's so unsophisticated. It
> should probably pay attention to tags too, but there are so many shows
> that don't have any.
> It has found a few links. For example, there are currently 9 shows
> referring to the Raspberry Pi that could be a series.
> Anyway, to your point: there seem to be at least 7 shows with a cooking
> theme.
> Dave

On the subject of series...

I've enjoyed Klaatu's recent shows on a couple of XML parsers for Python
in the 'Little bit of Python' series.

I use something called 'pyoo' to generate quite complex Libre Office
spreadsheets and thought of doing a show for this series.

Do series have owners?  In other words will Klaatu be upset if I make a
show and put it in the series 'A Little bit of Python'?


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