[Hpr] Call for shows

Ken Fallon ken at fallon.ie
Mon Aug 15 08:58:25 PDT 2016

We're down to 5 shows in the queue. I have some that can fill the void,
but please send in shows. The summer (NH) is over so you are all relaxed
and ready to record.

I want to avoid another shark fin/boom bust/hill and valley, situation
so keep an eye on the calendar and make sure to follow the following
guide lines.

Fill any free slots that are available in the upcoming week.
If the upcoming week is full then fill the leave slots for new
contributors. So faced with this you would pick "Thu 2016-08-25: hpr2104"

Mon 2016-08-15: hpr2096 Useful Bash functions - part 2
Tue 2016-08-16: hpr2097 New Toys
Wed 2016-08-17: hpr2098 Minimal Music Site?
Thu 2016-08-18: hpr2099 We are currently processing this show.
Fri 2016-08-19: hpr2100 Re-Enable Copy and Paste in Browsers
Mon 2016-08-22: hpr2101 is available - upload now.
Tue 2016-08-23: hpr2102 is available - upload now.
Wed 2016-08-24: hpr2103 is available - upload now.
Thu 2016-08-25: hpr2104 is available - upload now.
Fri 2016-08-26: hpr2105 24 - SSL Certificates - Problems by Ahuka

If you are uploading a series of shows schedule them one every two
weeks. Do this regardless of how full or empty the queue is.

These are all guidelines but it should allow the call to keep the
pressure on by keeping the free slot count low.

Also spread the word and get more people to contribute.


Ken Fallon

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