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Mike Ray mike at raspberryvi.org
Tue Dec 13 14:35:39 PST 2016

On 13/12/2016 18:58, Dave Lee wrote:
> I have to disagree with this to a point.
> I think that having an explicit tag for the odd contextual swear word is
> fine, and I may want to listen to those episodes, so I'm not going to
> filter out episodes on the basis of the explicit tag.  However, having just
> listened to the episode in question, I would not want to listen to
> gratuitous swearing for the sake of swearing, or - in this case - name
> calling.
> The language doesn't bother me, but the (and I think this term was used in
> the episode comments) _aggressive_ nature of the language used - e.g.
> "you're a political f---wit", and the very offensive use of the term
> "retard".
> I do believe that spaceman was making a really good point, but I think it
> ended up being diluted by the tone used.
> On Tue, Dec 13, 2016 at 6:50 PM x1101 <x1101 at gmx.com> wrote:
>> I concur, HPR is a network for people to express themselves, and while I
>> strongly believe in a censorship-free HPR, that doesn’t mean that we have
>> the right to force someone to listen to explicit material if they do not
>> wish to. This ‘explicit’ tag gives people a piece of information to make
>> that choice for themselves. I know that I will always tag my shows as
>> ‘explicit’, because I don’t keep track of my language. While I appreciate
>> that there are other things that folks might find offensive outside of
>> technically explicit language, its a good start.
>> Keep the vulgarity, keep the tag, and let us all decide for ourselves what
>> we want to produce and what we want to listen to.
>> /x1101

I'm not offended by bad language.  Too many people troll the internet
and social media in particular just looking for something to be offended
by so that they can get what they think is their fifteen minutes of fame
thanks to lazy journalists who just think they can make a few bucks by
knowing how to copy and paste.

But when almost every word begins with 'f' and ends either with 'uck' or
'ucking' it just gets boring and the content is diluted to the point
where I press the delete button.

I would have thought there were far more suitable subjects than whether
to say 'Linux' or 'GNU/Linux' that deserve such a tirade, like systemd
taking over the world for example.

Let's have less f***ing and more hacking.


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