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Also, lets not forget the predecessor to HPR, TWATech radio :-).

I think the explicit tag is nice as it lets folks who might run part15 radio stations a way to automatically keep their feeds sort of clear of harder content than they want to air, but this is of course a marginal use-case. However, any further subdividing and it really gets into a hair splitting game which invites politics.


> On Dec 13, 2016, at 5:35 PM, Mike Ray <mike at raspberryvi.org> wrote:
> On 13/12/2016 18:58, Dave Lee wrote:
>> I have to disagree with this to a point.
>> I think that having an explicit tag for the odd contextual swear word is
>> fine, and I may want to listen to those episodes, so I'm not going to
>> filter out episodes on the basis of the explicit tag.  However, having just
>> listened to the episode in question, I would not want to listen to
>> gratuitous swearing for the sake of swearing, or - in this case - name
>> calling.
>> The language doesn't bother me, but the (and I think this term was used in
>> the episode comments) _aggressive_ nature of the language used - e.g.
>> "you're a political f---wit", and the very offensive use of the term
>> "retard".
>> I do believe that spaceman was making a really good point, but I think it
>> ended up being diluted by the tone used.
>> On Tue, Dec 13, 2016 at 6:50 PM x1101 <x1101 at gmx.com> wrote:
>>> I concur, HPR is a network for people to express themselves, and while I
>>> strongly believe in a censorship-free HPR, that doesn’t mean that we have
>>> the right to force someone to listen to explicit material if they do not
>>> wish to. This ‘explicit’ tag gives people a piece of information to make
>>> that choice for themselves. I know that I will always tag my shows as
>>> ‘explicit’, because I don’t keep track of my language. While I appreciate
>>> that there are other things that folks might find offensive outside of
>>> technically explicit language, its a good start.
>>> Keep the vulgarity, keep the tag, and let us all decide for ourselves what
>>> we want to produce and what we want to listen to.
>>> /x1101
> I'm not offended by bad language.  Too many people troll the internet
> and social media in particular just looking for something to be offended
> by so that they can get what they think is their fifteen minutes of fame
> thanks to lazy journalists who just think they can make a few bucks by
> knowing how to copy and paste.
> But when almost every word begins with 'f' and ends either with 'uck' or
> 'ucking' it just gets boring and the content is diluted to the point
> where I press the delete button.
> I would have thought there were far more suitable subjects than whether
> to say 'Linux' or 'GNU/Linux' that deserve such a tirade, like systemd
> taking over the world for example.
> Let's have less f***ing and more hacking.
> Mike
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