[Hpr] Spaceman - A Clarifying Comment

Ken Fallon ken at fallon.ie
Wed Dec 14 00:26:55 PST 2016

Hi All,

We have no email address for spaceman so the following note was left on





Dear #HPR listeners;

I am sorry I offended you. Actually no I am not sorry!
this is my show, my podcast, on a platform free of censorship.
I don't have to justify anything to anyone; however, I will be making
a special episode, doing a full analysis of everyone's responses I got
on HPR and #gnusocial. The episode will be %100 clean !! no swearing I

if you hate my content, simply don't listen to it next time you see

Something has been said that actually made me mad, and it's none of your
I sincerely couldn't care less if you are so easily offended.

I am quite pleased to be the most discussed post at the moment, and I
know people who
can look beyond words are already doing personal research about food
growing, creating
botnets for their businesses or ease their work load, or simply looking
at my content on
my hidden websites on the onion network.

the nail has been nailed; I know you don't like hearing the F, C or
whatever word. there's
no need to keep on writing those comments, because I KNOW.

If you want to keep crying about it, i'd politely ask you to go sodomize
yourself with a
retractable baton. See? I'm already getting better from your comments I
asked politely.

for questions, suggestions or insults: you can find me on

happy hacking.

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