[Hpr] It's never too late to make an announcement! (re-post)

Michael mirwi at binary-kitchen.de
Thu Dec 29 19:15:55 PST 2016

Hello Ken,

 > Would it not be simpler just to record all the numbers and then the 
text ?
 > Is it possible to give the times as "ten to twelve" ?
 > In Dutch they use "Five to Half One" is 12:25 etc.

It is of course a possibility and if someone is willing to provide such 
a recording, please go ahead. I personally made the experience that 
numbers sound a little different when just counting them up or down in a 
row. At least if I do not pay attention to make them sound more neutral. 
When using them in the right context while recording, this is less of a 
problem with me.

I will have to extend my script to also allow this configuration and to 
cover more of those cases in an as generic as possible way. Need to 
think about that...

However, even with my request on very short notice, I currently have 
five voices. Three in German and two in English. I had more wicked 
Problems before getting things to work , but now the system basically 
does what I want it and it is fun.

The 33C3 is almost over and we will  start tearing the system down 
around 2016-12-13 17:00 UTC. The exchange is currently not manned all 
the time with a gap after the last operator went to sleep til the first 
one shows up. You might give it a try and have a listen to the currently 
running state. Call +49 40 231889-3380 (only valid while the event is 
still on) and request to be connected to the talking clock service.

Have fun,

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