[Hpr] World map of contributors?

James Toebes james at toebesacademy.com
Mon Jul 11 06:44:18 PDT 2016

How did you get a map?   If I zoom in.  I can sometimes get a small
piece of a map tile to appear then disappear.

On 07/11/2016 08:49 AM, Dave Morriss wrote:
> On 11/07/16 13:25, James Toebes wrote:
> > When I follow the link, all that I see are just a rectangle, 3 balloons,
> > a zoom tool and nothing else.   No borders or other linework.   Tried in
> > both Firefox and  Chrome.  Is it working for anyone else?
> I see what you do but with an OpenStreetMap map which I can zoom and
> scroll. That's on Firefox and Chromium on XFCE with Debian Testing.
> Incidentally, "balloon" in Scottish vernacular means:
>     Noun: One with an exaggerated opinion of their own importance.
>     Similar to heid-the-ba' and ba'-heid. Sometimes used more generally
>     for a fool, but especially one who is an extremely confident fool.
>     Example: Ignore him, wi his big BMW an his swimmin pool. He's a big
>     balloon.
> I appear to be one of the balloons :-)
> Dave
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