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Fifty OneFifty fiftyonefifty at linuxbasement.com
Wed Jul 20 13:59:53 PDT 2016

I've been looking at this since tllts last week.  While it's true this
proto unit is more expensive and less powerful than the current generation
of mini computers, I really want to jump in and support the concept of
modular mobile computing.  Ken omitted that  these are the guys behind
ThinkPenguin, it just can't be an official product until the crowd funding
is complete.

If you are interested in the EOMA68 PC, you should also take a look at the
Omega 2 Kickstarter,
It's a $5-$9 PC on a chip similar to the RPi Zero or Chip Computer, with no
interfaces other than the GPIO pins.  It has WiFi and Linux pre installed
on internal storage.  It could be used for rapid prototyping for embedded
IOT systems,  but the cool thing is you can also buy docks and expansion
modules that connect the Omega 2 to traditional interfaces (USB, HDMI) as
well as modules aimed at building all sorts of Maker-y type projects, one
kit even includes LEDs, servos, motors, jumper wires, relays, sensors etc.
For each module, there are instructions online for projects that teach you
how to write code and build circuits to control external devices from the
GPIO.  I think this would be a great way to help your kids learn (or in my
case, to teach myself) coding and electronics.  The project has been triple
funded just since I first found the link last night and they have been
selling the original Omega for about a year, so the vendor is established.

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