[Hpr] HPR Community News - *today* on 2016-07-30T18:00:00Z

Dave Morriss perloid at autistici.org
Sat Jul 30 11:16:17 PDT 2016

On 30/07/16 19:01, Kevin Wisher wrote:
> Someone surely can figure out a way to schedule this message to be sent
> automatically?? :)

You'd think so. However, although I generate the thing in a script I
haven't worked out how to make it release on the Monday before the
Saturday before the first Monday of the next month :-)

Sounds easy eh? It probably is, and I should just get on and do it!

In fact, I should probably do a show about it ...


Dave Morriss, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK | perloid at autistici.org

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