[Hpr] HPR Community News - *today* on 2016-07-30T18:00:00Z

Dave Morriss perloid at autistici.org
Sat Jul 30 16:08:48 PDT 2016

On 30/07/16 23:34, Mike Ray wrote:

> Take a look at Date::Calc
> Everything you need is in there.

Thanks Mike.

As it happens I use just that module to generate the monthly message in
a script. It computes the date of the next recording (the Saturday
before the first Monday of a month) and generates an email.

The bit I never did (which caught me out this week) was to create a
means of running the script at the start of the week *before* the
recording, in order to give sufficient warning to people.

I have written another script which generates an iCal file of
forthcoming Community News recordings. I originally wrote if for a show
I did in 2013: http://hackerpublicradio.org/eps.php?id=1286 "iCalendar

I use the output as a calendar in Thunderbird.

I don't think the list policy on attachments will allow it through
otherwise I'd send an example of the output. Perhaps we should keep a
copy on the HPR website.


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