[Hpr] New years eve show

honkey Magoo honkeymagoo01 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 30 07:33:38 PST 2016

So its that time again. Time for the HPR new years eve show.
I emailed John Neusteter about using his mumble server (the same one we use
for the the hpr community news)

ch1.teamspeak.cc port 64747

For show notes I emailed Thaj again and he agreed to let us use his


For the stream last year I believe Ken set that up something through the
HPR site. If it is not possible to do again Kevin Wisher has volunteered
his stream.

Also last year there was some last minute changes to the start and end
time. I have no real preference when it comes to the time. I'll start a
recording at any time. Just let me know what people think asap because I
would like to get the word out through G+ and promos, and any other way
people can think of.

So same as last year I will do the editing and the posting. If anyone would
like to pitch in with taking show notes or an alternate recording I would
appreciate it greatly. I would appreciate any help. I will not be reserving
any slots I will try to get it out asap, but it seems like in the past some
of the anxiety behind the new years eve show comes from trying to get it
out asap or trying to keep someone on and the conversation going for the
full 24 hrs. I am not planning to be on for the full 24 hrs. I will be in
as much as I possibly can. The recording will be running the whole time if
there are people in the mumble channel talking or not. Truncate silence
will take care of the dead air, and I don't care if we only get 4 hrs or
conversation out of a 24 hr recording, the conversations had on the "HPR
New Years Eve Show" have made for some of the best podcast listening I have
ever heard. That is why I keep pushing for the new years eve show.

So please let me know what you think is a good starting and ending time.
Please let others know that we are doing it again this year, and please
join us on mumble new years eve and join in the conversation.

Thank you
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