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Market research, it’s a challenging problem.

This is the “fill out the back of your fast food receipt for free food or a chance to win $1000”. They afford the cost of these types of things as the cost of doing market research. At our Makevention “Maker Faire” event, I printed up stacks of small questionnaires with a chance to win a $25 gift certificate for a local restaurant. That gift certificate paid for itself many times over when we learned that not a single person reported seeing the most expensive ad we placed in a local paper/flyer our first year. That saved us from spending money there in following years (over $600 in savings by now). We also learned other unexpected things like the fact that street signs were the most common method people learned about our event. In the world of facebook and online event calendars, physical signs on the side of the road did as much of our advertising as everything else combined.

Potential questions to gauge popularity:
How many episodes of HPR do you listen to in an average month?
Including HPR, what is the average number of minutes you listen to podcasts in a month?
How many total podcast episodes (including HPR) do you listen to in an average month?
Including HPR, how many different podcasts shows have you listened to in the past year?
How did you hear about HPR?
Have you ever recommended that others listen to HPR?
Have you ever considered contributing episodes to HPR?

With at least that info you can see how HPR compares to any other podcasts they are listening to. You could expand to include other media too to gauge how important podcasts rate to the person versus other media like YouTube, the paper, etc. There’s lots of statistical data you can glean from that.

So if you want people to respond then pony up some funds for a good prize, setup a Google Form, and get some feedback. It’s also a good opportunity to get some anonymized demographic info on your listeners. Things like age group, gender, income range, etc. This info can come in handy with potential sponsors at a later date.

That’s 2 cents for thought, next.


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> On the Community news show we discussed that we often get asked how
> popular HPR is.
> Can you send me how you would expect us to calculate this.
> /end been deliberately vague.
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