[Hpr] Next amateur radio round tables?

Michael Spannbauer mirwi at binary-kitchen.de
Wed Aug 30 00:35:44 PDT 2017

Hi everybody,

we should agree on a next recording date, if this is to continue. I
again picked a random date, as there is no other input. The time
somewhat worked for the last recording so I go for it now until I hear
anything else.

Proposed next round table recording: 2017-09-13, 18:00 UTC

Can we please get this date fixed quickly, so that it may be announced
as a fact on the next community news recorded this Saturday?

We really could use some more people talking! No questions yet, so we
are free to ramble about anything.

I'd also like to agree on a date for the recording of the show after
that so that we can announce the date of the follow up recording within
the previous show. Wouldn't that be nice?

Proposed recording date for recording #5: 2017-11-15, 18:00 UTC

Again this is mostly random, but can we form a rule of thumb pattern?
Like target recording the second week of each odd numbered month from
now on or something similar? 

An don't forget, here is an etherpad to put stuff you want us to talk
about: https://etherpad.net/p/HPR-HAM-RT

Michael (DL4MGM, mirwi)

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