[Hpr] Next amateur radio round tables?

Christopher M. Hobbs cmhobbs at cryptolab.net
Wed Aug 30 17:38:48 PDT 2017

On Wed, 30 Aug 2017 09:35:44 +0200
Michael Spannbauer <mirwi at binary-kitchen.de> wrote:

> Hi everybody,
> we should agree on a next recording date, if this is to continue. I
> again picked a random date, as there is no other input. The time
> somewhat worked for the last recording so I go for it now until I hear
> anything else.
> Proposed next round table recording: 2017-09-13, 18:00 UTC
> Can we please get this date fixed quickly, so that it may be announced
> as a fact on the next community news recorded this Saturday?
> We really could use some more people talking! No questions yet, so we
> are free to ramble about anything.
> I'd also like to agree on a date for the recording of the show after
> that so that we can announce the date of the follow up recording
> within the previous show. Wouldn't that be nice?
> Proposed recording date for recording #5: 2017-11-15, 18:00 UTC
> Again this is mostly random, but can we form a rule of thumb pattern?
> Like target recording the second week of each odd numbered month from
> now on or something similar? 
> An don't forget, here is an etherpad to put stuff you want us to talk
> about: https://etherpad.net/p/HPR-HAM-RT
> Regards,
> Michael (DL4MGM, mirwi)
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I'm hit or miss.  I usually have a meeting from 1315-1330 CDT during
weekdays but I can probably join after that.


Happy Hacking!

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