[Hpr] New Years RPG

klaatu at mixedsignals.ml klaatu at mixedsignals.ml
Thu Dec 7 13:32:39 PST 2017

Hey HPR,

My friend (and yours!), Lostnbronx, had the idea that I should run an 
open-to-everyone RPG at some point during the New Years marathon show.

I think it's kind of a whacky and cool idea, but I don't want to be the 
odd-man-out trying bring structure to a happily chaotic free-for-all.  
So I'm asking you: is there any interest in me running an open RPG for a 
few hours during the New Years show?

Since people can drop in and drop out of the call, the RPG would be a 
very loose, very rules-light, dungeon crawl.

The rules are free, and the part a player needs is about a page worth of 
reading (basically, you choose your class and that's it).

What do you all think? is it worth doing? not appropriate for this 
marathon? a great idea? horrible idea? Give me your relevant thoughts 
and feelings.


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