[Hpr] New Years RPG - reposting

klaatu at mixedsignals.ml klaatu at mixedsignals.ml
Sat Dec 9 16:28:10 PST 2017

Hey HPR,

The original version of this message was eaten by a grue, so I'm 
resending this, in a slightly modified form for clarity.

I'm thinking of running an RPG at some point during the New Years 
marathon show.

Idea: run an simple RPG for a few hours during the New Years marathon 

People can join whenever they happen to call in, and drop out whenever 
they have to hang up.

I am asking this list whether anyone is opposed to this idea. Maybe you 
would rather keep the marathon loosely structured so people can just 
chat about whatever they want, and feel an RPG in the middle of it all 
would impose too much order on your chaotic New Year's banter?

To be clear: I only plan on gaming for 4 to 6 hours during the rest of 
the marathon, and the game will be VERY loose, to make room for chatting 
and kidding around as we play.

The rules are free, and the part a player needs is about a page worth of 
reading (basically, you choose your class and that's it).

Time is as-yet to be determined. It will likely be in the 2AM-ish range 
of NZ (1PM UTC, 8AM EST).


If you are opposed to this injunction, please let me know. I'm getting a 
feeling most people are open to the idea, so speak now or forever hold 
your peace. Heck, if you REALLY hate the idea, record an episode about 
how you hate fun, and post it to HPR!



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